Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Day Greetings!

Despite the imminent threat of flooding, thunderstorms, and tornado warnings, Memphis SP folks and comrades held a May Day celebration in solidarity with the working people of the world.

This year was an especially difficult one for labor, but we can celebrate some steps towards victory, such as the working-class movements in Tunisia, Egypt, and throughout the region. We can celebrate the courage of those all over the world who have stood their ground and resisted ruling class efforts to crush solidarity. This year has shown that though the ruling class can beat us, imprison us, starve us, shoot us, and criminalize us, they cannot break the eternal bond that we share as one united working class.

We will learn from our experiences in recent struggles in Wisconsin, Ohio, here in Tennessee, and across the country, and next May Day, we'll celebrate victories wherever the ruling class naively assumes they've prevailed.

Working people from all over the world came together May 1st to celebrate our inspiring history of struggle and to build solidarity in the face of a tough road ahead.
Our future is a certainty.

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