Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Memphis Emergency Protest: Stop FBI Raids and Harassment

Memphis Emergency Protest: Stop FBI Raids and Harassment
- Wednesday, September 29
- noon-1pm
- 167 North Main St. (near the federal building)

From the facebook event page:
Concerned citizens of Memphis condemn the FBI raids on anti-war and solidarity activists on Friday, September 24th, and denounce them as part of this government's ongoing assault on civil liberties and its campaign of intimidation against activists speaking out for freedom and self-determination.

We urge Memphians concerned by this outrageous fishing expedition to offer their full support to the targeted activists, and to oppose the criminalization of dissent, by gathering outside the Memphis federal building at 12 noon, on Wednesday September 29th.

* Stop the repression against anti-war and international solidarity activists.

* Immediately return all confiscated materials: computers, birthday cards, cell phones, family photos, papers, documents, etc.

* End the grand jury proceedings against anti-war activists.




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