Monday, February 1, 2010

This is Change?

President Barack Obama gave his first State of the Union speech a few days ago, and while he performed well as usual, he delivered a SOTU speech that could almost have been given by Ronald Reagan, or George Bush. Tax Cuts, freeze government spending (except military and SS), etc. In other words, a President who promised "Change We Can Believe In" has delivered little change. It has been a sad year for Democrats and progressives as the Democratic House and Senate failed to deliver healthcare for all, or even a respectable "insurance reform" plan. The Democrats, and Obama, have blown the first year of this administration which promised so much but delivered so little. And the worse is yet to come!

Frank Rich: The State of the Union is Comatose

War Spending Surges in Obama's Budget

"Peace Prize" President Submits Largest War Budget Ever

Obama Increasing Funding for Nuclear Weapons

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